Friday, October 28, 2016

Donald Trump?

I'm a Female...  So what does that mean when it comes to the election?  I'm not voting for Donald Trump.  While watching television at my Dads house to escape homelessness (a whole different topic) I heard a Man state that he will not endorse Donald Trump because he has a teenage Daughter, however he will vote for Trump...  Ambivalence much???  smh

Back to me being a Women, so Mr. Trump...  You just kiss females...  You just grab Females by their private parts...  You are a Celebrity so you can just pull Women...  
---Don't You have a Daughter?  

Has Your Daughter not educated You on what it's like to be a Women?  If not, perhaps You should sit down and talk to Her, talk to Me, talk to any Female who is not sheepishly following the masses...

My Dad is NOT voting for Donald Trump, because he has a DAUGHTER!  Thanks DAD!  Thanks for supporting Women and showing that We are a part of the Human Race with beautiful minds that contribute to Society as a Whole, We are part of the work force, We are not just flesh...  lol how I posted a pic in a bathing suit!!!  Beauty and Brains exists and not all Women will just allow a Man to TOUCH US nor speak negatively about us.   Perhaps I should shut up, naw-not ME!  After all I do have an opinion.  An opinion is just that, an opinion.  My blog so I can write about MY opinions.

As a Women are YOU voting for Donald Trump?
As a Father with a Daughter or Daughters, are you voting for Donald Trump?
if so- are You a SHEEP?  Or do You simply follow the Dogma of Political Figures?

Where is the LOVE in this election?

Where is the honesty in this election?

Where is the peace in this election?

Are we teaching our kids to speak negatively about each other in order to gain a hierarchal position?

Why is so much money spent on elections? 
-health care, education, homelessness, mental health, starving children and families, just to name a few things Your money would be put to better use- Just MY OPINION

Where is the LOVE?
-find it and go spread it, please...  


As I walk LA