Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'm back on Facebook Fu's!

So, I’m back on Facebook.  I admit, I joined back for the wrong reason…  haha I’m not going say the reason.  My Mom and my amazing friend Sara knows and that will have to stay between us.  It’s good to not tell the world everything, just some things….
I originally went off of Facebook because I was tired of looking at everyone’s drama in their posts.  The needle on the haystack was when I posted a song that gets me going at the gym and some hater came along and hated all over it.  I know not a big deal, I’ve posted tons of songs throughout the years and had haters, but that particular day in 2012 I had to just say goodbye to the drama and haters drinking their haterade juice. 
So now I’m back from 2012 to two weeks ago in 2017 I took a break and de-activated my account.  Now that I’m back I’m once again seeing the negativity and sad poor me stories all over the newsfeed, however this time I’m just skipping over them and not reading into the negative energy.  It’s always puzzled me why these people on Earth display every negative, sad, depressing mood, angry, irritated moods…  It’s one thing to bring awareness and another to just be a repetitively sad/angry story teller.  
What’s different this time for me?  This time around after my four-year hiatus I’m high jumping over the negativity and posting my photography with my randomness of sayings.  It’s more of a photographical journey for me with positive sayings to spread more love and happiness.  I’m only attempting to show the world my photography and make Earth people smile a little bit more.  After-all, what’s wrong with smiling?  It’s also nice to see how people have changed over my four-year hiatus and see the new families, life journeys, and positive happenings in people’s lives.

It was a little overwhelming for me the first day back on Facebook because I couldn’t figure out how to do much, so once again I walked away.  Not long this time, I said I would get back on so here I am back on Facebook trying to see if I can take it over with happiness.  It won’t be that difficult because at the end of the day I know everyone prefers to be happy!  I know I do!  I LOVE YOU ALL!  See you on Facebook!