Monday, July 24, 2017


At some point in relative time we’re going to die.  I’ve had a lot of recent deaths recently and what I’m getting to know is life is life comes and goes and then…  were you love? 

Every single day that you take a breath on this earth be grateful and look out for those who look out for you.  I have a best friend in life, her name is MELLISSA.   Mellissa is a breath of fresh air, a beautiful spirit, a love of life, a beautiful flower, an amazing escape, a beautiful spirit inside and out and beautiful sexiness on every level.   Mellissa if you read this, I love you, which you know.  YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND AND I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND BEING.

Melissa,  I love you!  When I had nothing you showed up at a stop light with love.  THANK YOU!  Nobody did for me what you did and I thank you for that!  I LOVE YOU!

Life is life, it comes and goes…   what was the last thing you said to someone you love…  was it love?   I hope it was. 

Live life, enjoy life, breathe life, love life, treat people right, no dogma, live what you know is right and love!

You never know what can happen in life and where life can go.   Live, love, be happy, spread love and life, be you most importantly.

As I said, you never know what can happen.  Be your authentic self and if someone gives you some BS. F it!  Life is a beautiful gift and an amazing experience where you can touch so many beings lives while you’re here in a physical presence.

I love you all! 

Universal love,

Zulekha Williams