Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dance on Baby! Dance on!

Do you dance?  You know how it feels when you hear YOUR song and you can't help but bob your head, tap your foot, sing out loud, close your eyes and move your head, or stand up and dance.  Dancing does wonders for the body, the soul, the mind, and your happiness!

I'm THAT PERSON that just gets up and dances.  I can be alone, getting dressed, in a bar, and what makes me love being me is I don't need to drink to move and groove in public.  When I feel it I jam!  If you're like me, amazing.  If not, why not?  Yes, I know we are all different but what's stopping you from busting a move?  I use to be afraid to dance in front of others, then one day I realized I don't care what other people think, why should I?  Are you afraid people are looking?  Are you afraid of what people are thinking about you?  Who cares.  Most likely they're thinking I wish I had that much courage, I wish I could just let loose and not care, I wish I could be more free.  So inspire yourself and by doing so you inspire others to free themselves.

Do you feel you don't have rhythm?  Once again, whether you have the rhythm you want or not don't let that stop you from moving and grooving to your own rhythm.  Remember dancing is about moving to YOUR BEAT!  You don't need to know the latest dance moves or the the newest songs, dancing is about the freedom and beat you feel from within and expressing it in YOUR way.

What does dancing do for you?  Baby let me tell you...
1) makes you feel free
2) releases endorphins
3) gives you a dancers high
4) tones the body
5) gives you a since of individuality
6) improves your mood
7) gives a since of satisfaction
8) decreases depression
9) eliminates depression
10) reduces anxiety
11) promotes happiness
12) increases energy
13) lowers stress
14) promotes weight loss
15) tones your body
16) gives you in overall since of happiness while you're inspiring others to get up and let loose!

There are so many amazing benefits of the simple act of dancing.  Stop being afraid to be you, stop being afraid to express yourself in YOUR way, get up and bust YOUR move!  Next time you're home and feeling stressed, worried, anxious, sad, or mad turn on some music that you love and just dance!

I love that the love of my life will just turn on music and dance.  He will walk up to me, grab me and we just start dancing!  I absolutely love this about him among other things.  He's not afraid to be himself nor is he afraid to enjoy himself through the simple act of dancing.  I fall in love with him more and more each time I see how free he is in his mind and body.

Dance with your kids, dance alone, dance with your love, dance with your family, dance with strangers, dance at events, dance at the bar, whatever you do please don't be afraid to dance!

Now turn on something that will get you moving and get up and DANCE!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

You're a Role Model

Yes, You!  You're a role model.  Everywhere you go people are watching you; your non verbal communication, your audible communication, the way in which you carry yourself, the way you dress, walk, help others, facial expressions, everything.

Age has nothing to do with it.  Little kids are role models all the way up through adults.  Have you ever watched children play or interact with one another or even with adults and noticed how some will help each other out, steal, offer adults a helping hand, give a crying child their toy, and even their mannerisms.  We can lean from children just as children learn from children.  Being a role model has nothing to do with age or birth order.

For a day or even a couple of hours increase your awareness of self and pay attention to everything you do at the end of the day or the next couple hours and ask yourself; would I want to be anything like me?  Am I nice to others?  Do I help people out?  Did I give my last?  Do I use profanity throughout the day?  Did I put others down?  Was I negative?  This is a good way to have a self check-in to see what type of behaviors and responses you are putting out to the rest of the world.

When you are walking through the store, standing in line, arguing on your cell phone, making faces, babies and adults alike are watching you.  They are thinking I don't want to be anything like that person, I hope I don't treat people like that, wow that was really nice what he/she did, I love that outfit I should try something like that, I can't believe a little kid opened the door for me when I don't do that for others, etc.  I challenge you to be one in which people learn from and want to be like.  I'm not saying be exactly like you as we are all different, however I am saying gain your positivity, generosity, compassion, unconditional positive regard, and happiness.  I'm asking you to challenge yourself to be love.

As you go about your day, go about it in a way in which you can increase happiness in both yourself and others.  I'm sure you've heard service to others is very rewarding and fulfilling so start opening the door for strangers, smile at every baby you see, wear a smile on your face, compliment someone, pick up a piece of trash you see on the ground, turn toward being positive and completely shy away from negativity through your talk and mannerisms.

We are all watching, so be someone worth watching, be someone your kids, nephews, nieces, brothers sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and strangers can see as a positive role model.

You are a role model!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Are you in a relationship just to be in one?

I was single for three years before I met the love of my life.  People would tell me, you're in your 30's and approaching mid 30's what are you waiting for?  Why don't you just get into a relationship?  When are you going to have kids? What are you waiting for, you're not getting any younger.

Are you in a relationship just to be in one?  Have you asked yourself this question?  Heres some things to consider;

1) Are you in love or feeling it growing to love?
2) Do more things bother you about your partner then make you happy?
3) Do you complain to other people about your partner?
4) Do you enjoy spending a lot of time with your partner?
5) Do you prefer to vacation without your partner?
6) Do you look at your partner and think, I'm so lucky to have found you...
7) Do you cuddle with your partner?
8) If you are a public affection being, do you show public affection with your partner?
9) At the end of the day do you think, I can't wait to see him/her?
10) Do they broaden your horizons?
11) Do they make you want to be a better person just by being with them?
12) Do you genuinely accept your partner?
13) Are you wishing you were with someone else?
14) Are you happy with your partners short comings?

Think about your answers to these questions and your happiness.  Your happiness is extremely important, after all at then end of the day when you close your eyes you are with yourself and it's good to have good reflections of the day.

I personally spent time in relationships I shouldn't have been in at all because I THOUGHT that was what I wanted until one day I said that's enough of this crap of being around someone I don't really enjoy and can't wait to get away from.  So from that day I decided I would be single until I met THE ONE.  I wouldn't go on repeated dates with people I knew I had zero future with, wouldn't repeat dates of those who annoyed me, wouldn't be with someone just for their title-which I never did, I chose to put myself first before everything and I mean everything!  My family probably felt I was floating in directions I shouldn't, but I was doing everything I loved and enjoyed doing it because after all I would rather meet someone while I'm doing something I love even if society doesn't agree with it.  I'm not trying to please society or my family or anyone else, just me.  That's a hard pill for some to swallow.

So what did I do?  I wandered, I took pictures and re-found my love for photography, I became a nudist and worked at a nudist resort, I begin to learn guitar, I read, I would wake up and just go wherever I wanted, I saw every movie I wanted to see, I sat on many beaches, played in the ocean, met new friends, went to galleries, smoked weed-hehe (not telling you to go smoke), took random road trips, laughed a lot, moved around to different cities, bought a macbook and begin writing, started my blog, started my Instagram, gave up Facebook-as it didn't and still doesn't suit me, I DID ME and enjoyed every moment of it!  I did this for almost four years, I did me!

Then one day I joined Plenty of Fish, yep I did it.  I wrote an honest profile and put up REAL pictures of myself.  Five months later I met the love of my life who completely accepts me for me and I completely accept him for him and now we have a baby on the way!

While I was out doing me for almost four years I never thought I needed to be in a relationship.  I was to busy having a relationship with myself and getting back in touch with me!  One thing I did know is I wouldn't settle and I won't.  If I happen to fall in love I will make sure it's the love of my life and not just be in a relationship to be in one.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone who is just with someone to be with someone, they sound terrible.  I stopped feeling bad for these types of people because every single day they/you have a choice to change your life, every second of everyday!  They/you choose to stay and for what reasons?

List of BS reasons people use...
1) we have kids together, well your kids are learning unhappy relationships from you!
2) we have a home together, stop being materialistic and sell that thing and go start your life!
3) we're comfortable together, doesn't sound like it from the look on your face and the way you complain about him/her..
4) we have a vacation coming up, cancel it and go on one by yourself and watch how many new friends you meet and how much more fun you have without him/her
5) were planning on buying a home, don't do it! Run while you have the chance!
6) we have to many bills together, you can pay bills while not being with someone smarty!
7) what will the neighbors say?  Are the neighbors living your life and are you living to please your neighbors?  STOP!  Go slap yourself!
8) what will my family say?  Are you living to paint a facade of a life and living for other people?  STOP!
Whatever excuse you have, it's BULLSHIT! Wake up already start living for you!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

How's Your Mental Health? Are You Happy?

How is your mental health?

So many people spend hours upon hours in the gym elevating their physical health and then go back home to their slump of depression, anxiety, anger, or constant worry.  Are you one of those people?  Then there are those who don't invest into their physical health nor mental at all.  Are you one of those people?

Mental health is just as important as physical health, after all you're walking, laying, sitting, running, etc with yourself all day long, with YOUR thoughts which are in correlation with your mental health. The way you view yourself, others, and even the world is a direct result of your mental health.

Let's take a moment and see where you stand?  Ask yourself a few questions...

1) Are you happy or sad most of the day?
2) Are you a positive or negative person?
3) Do you see the best in others?
4) Is your glass half full or half empty?
5) Do you constantly worry?
6) Are your worries the same as they were 6 months ago? A year ago?
7) Do you actively engage in bettering your life?
8) Is your main topic of conversation about how sad you are?
9) Is your main topic of conversation putting someone else down or yourself?
10) Do your conversations involve around yourself?
11) Do you seek to better others without being pushy?
12) Are you happy to open your eyes each day?
13) Do your thoughts rest in the past?
14) Do you have an off switch to your thoughts?
15) Do you consume alcohol on a regular basis?
16) Do you consume drugs on a regular basis?
17) Are you on auto pilot?
18) Are you happy?

Lots of questions?  Think of it this way, isn't it important to know yourself and where you stand mentally?  Once you know where you stand you can begin improving your mental health.

Begin to ask yourself each day, AM I HAPPY?  After you ask yourself this question then focus on what will make you happy.  Remember this, don't focus on what's making you unhappy!  Focus on what will make you happy.  After all we all have one of the same major goals in life, to be happy.    When you focus on what makes you unhappy you are instantly utilizing your negative energy as opposed to utilizing positive energy.  When you focus on what makes you happy you might even notice yourself begin to smile as you brainstorm what makes you happy which is a start to improving your mental health.  Write down things that make you happy and keep them somewhere you can see them everyday or even throughout the day to help kick yourself in the butt to begin doing those things.  When you feel sad, down, depressed look at that list and do something off of it or at least begin working towards a goal on your list.

Happiness is something you should be striving for each and everyday.  You might lose friends and you might gain friends!  When you begin to change your life for the better you will start to notice those individuals or groups that bring you down, constantly talk about their problems, nag, complain, only day dream without being a doer, Debby downers, people who suck the life out of you, addicts, alcoholics, and negative people.  When you realize how these people infect you, you will also realize how you don't need to be around them.  Are some of these your family members or close friends?  If so, keep them on an extremely short leash and spend more time with people who are positive and bring out the best in you.  Spend more time with people who encourage you to be better, spend more time with yourself getting to know yourself and bettering your life.

You have the power to improve your mental health.

You have the power to be happy.

Every single second of everyday you have a choice.  You have a choice to be positive or negative, complain about someone or change your topic, nag or promote, sadness or happiness, anger or happiness, worry or improve your thoughts.  Every single second of everyday you have a choice to be happy.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Benefits of YOGA!

Yoga is extremely beneficial to the body in many ways.  What ways?

1) Improves posture
2) Increases energy
3) Great for mindfulness
4) Promotes a healthy metabolism
5) Increases flexibility
6) Improves tone
7) Increases muscle strength
8) Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
9) Regulates adrenal glands
10) Decreases blood pressure
11) Better SEX!
12) Increases inner strength
and the list goes on and on and on...

Why do I do it?  Overall increased health benefits and mindfulness.  Yoga really helps me to stay in the present.  Remember the past is the past, the future is yet to come, so make the most of the present moment!  

I personally feel yoga helps with pregnancy symptoms and will greatly assist me when I go into labor and God knows I need all the assistance I can get!  

If you've never tried yoga I highly recommend giving it a go.  Yes, you may cut some poses short in the beginning or fall of the wagon for a bit, but if you jump back on and keep at it think of all the health benefits yoga can and will bring into your life.  Try yoga already!  Don't know where to start or what to do... thats fine you don't need to go buy a new wardrobe, just throw on something comfortable you can move around in and google yoga poses.  Try Youtube and watch some videos to pick up some techniques.  Better yet, just follow along.  The benefits of the world wide web!

If you're already a yoga master and do it daily, good for you my stretching and breathing beauty!  I'm so happy you've adopted yoga into your life and I'm sure you're experiencing all of the beautiful benefits.

Cheers to YOGA!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Do What You Love

Do you do what you love?  Have you ever taken a moment to put life on pause and think about what you love to do in this world?  I know it's not often you have a moment or perhaps you don't know how to create a moment for yourself which is valuable to self.  If you haven't, take a moment right now and think about what you love to do?

If you're having difficulty try thinking back to your childhood or when you were a teenager and let your mind recall the things that interested you.  Chances are those are still a lot of the same things.  Take a piece of paper and jot down things that come to mind even its it's the smallest of thing, jot it down anyway.  Now look at each and recall what about them brought you joy or even still bring you joy to this day.  Doesn't that feel good, to feel good!  Here is my list...

1) Photography
2) Writing
3) Helping people
4) Nature
5) Spending time with family
6) Music
7) Learning new instruments
8) Cooking
9) Hiking
10) Running
11) Fashion
12) Hair
13) Doodling
14) Time with pets

Your list will be unique to you as you are you and I am me.  Are you working?  Do you have a full time job?  Do you have a part time job?  If you are working does your job fall into line with anything on your list of that you love or loved to do?  If not, I feel for you...  Can you please start making time in your day to do at least one thing a day on your list?  Oh, you think you don't have time, silly goose.  Time is relative, time is what you make it, you create your time whether you think you do or not.  When your tv searching that's time, waking up earlier is time, on your break at work is time, when you can't fall asleep is time.  

Fact is, one day you will die.  It's inevitable.  Think that's harsh to say?  Climb out of your little box of safety and realize, one day you will die and when you do I hope you were spending time each day doing something you love and not making the dumbest excuse ever of "I don't have time."  That really is the dumbest excuse ever and so many people use that dumb excuse.  Blah, blah I'm to busy, I have to do this, or that.  BS, you always have time, it's what you CHOOSE to invest your time into every single day.   Are you a gossiper, do you get on the phone and talk about other people, if so use that time of your negativity and invest it into something positive, YOU!  Are you dwelling on your past or your past hurts, if so get over yourself already and stop living in the past and start living in the now!  

Did someone hurt you, if so sorry to hear.  Are you waiting for an apology or something to happen before you can move forward.  If so I feel bad that you're so stuck in your own head and can't let go.  It must suck to be you and live in the past like that.  Don't be a poor me person, poor me people are Suckebuses, they suck the life out of other people with their problems.  There's so many things you can talk about yet you invest your time into thinking about that.  That sucks.  Sucks to be you!  Now get over yourself!  Live in the present!  Now is the only real time you have, as yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't promised, so do something you love today and stop putting yourself off!  PLEASE, do it for you!

Are you unemployed or did you lose your job?  I've been there enough times and I know how that feels.  Use this time to do things on your list.  When you're doing things you love time doesn't exist, remember time is relative.  There's a great chance you will turn something you love into income because you love it so much.  

Please look at your list each day, when you wake up and when you go to bed.  If you're anything like me you wake up in the middle of the night with great ideas or have these amazing dreams that give you more ideas about things you love to do and how you can do them in different ways.  It's good to keep a notepad or the notepad on your handy dandy smartphone so you can jot things down as they come to mind.  

Why is it important to do things you love?  That's simple, because you are important and you matter.  Until you realize that and start mattering to yourself other then the same mundane tasks you to everyday you will be stuck in the same annoying pattern.  Be the creator and author of your own life!  

Now go do something you love, I just did!  I love to write, so I wrote this!  I love to help people, so I hope just nudged you enough to wake up!

I believe in you!

Monday, December 4, 2017

SQUATS are my best friend!

Do you squat?

I DO and I hope you do!  If not, keep reading for reasons why.

Squats work wonders for the human body, just in case you haven't heard.  I only do a set of squats once or twice a day and I've decided to up that.  Why?  Because I should, I can, and I will.   Now that I'm 16 weeks pregnant my baby bump is showing and I want to ensure I don't become a complete lazy ass and not do anything for my body.  After all working our while pregnant can do wonders for me when I'm in labor and I definitely want to do what I can now and up until then to make it better if I can and I will!

What do squats do for the body.  Well honey let me tell you!
1) strengthens butt muscles... makes your booty look good!
2) increases flexibility
3) reduces cellulite
4) builds core strength
5) makes your butt look better!
6) tones abs
7) tones legs
8) helps to prevent lower back pain
9) increases your hops
11) prevents injuries
12) helps to maintain mobility
13) increases your power
14) squats are free!  You can do them anywhere, do some right now!  Do it!
15) good complete workout
16) squats make your butt look better!!!

When I was a manager in a warehouse with a crew full of men I would get a lot of work out advice and one of the main exercises that were stressed were SQUATS!  "Even if you don't do anything, do squats."  This is what I was told.  Back then I worked out a lot, now ehhhh I can do better.  But I definitely do my squats!  

I've even read squats can help to give birth quicker!  whaaaaaaaaat......  nice!

With that said I'm gonna pause and do some squats...  did it!  As I said I'm going to increase the frequency throughout the day I do squats.  Reasoning...  I like to look good naked, duh!  Do I really needs more reasons then that?  

Now go get your squat on!