Saturday, December 30, 2017

Why is Yoga Beneficial to Life?

Yoga is extremely beneficial to the body in many ways.  What ways?

1) Improves posture
2) Increases energy
3) Great for mindfulness
4) Promotes a healthy metabolism
5) Increases flexibility
6) Improves tone
7) Increases muscle strength
8) Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
9) Regulates adrenal glands
10) Decreases blood pressure
11) Better SEX!
12) Increases inner strength
and the list goes on and on and on...

Why do I do it?  Overall increased health benefits and mindfulness.  Yoga really helps me to stay in the present.  Remember the past is the past, the future is yet to come, so make the most of the present moment!  

I personally feel yoga helps with pregnancy symptoms and will greatly assist me when I go into labor and God knows I need all the assistance I can get!  

If you've never tried yoga I highly recommend giving it a go.  Yes, you may cut some poses short in the beginning or fall of the wagon for a bit, but if you jump back on and keep at it think of all the health benefits yoga can and will bring into your life.  Try yoga already!  Don't know where to start or what to do... thats fine you don't need to go buy a new wardrobe, just throw on something comfortable you can move around in and google yoga poses.  Try Youtube and watch some videos to pick up some techniques.  Better yet, just follow along.  The benefits of the world wide web!

If you're already a yoga master and do it daily, good for you my stretching and breathing beauty!  I'm so happy you've adopted yoga into your life and I'm sure you're experiencing all of the beautiful benefits.

Cheers to YOGA!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Do What You Love

Do you do what you love?  Have you ever taken a moment to put life on pause and think about what you love to do in this world?  I know it's not often you have a moment or perhaps you don't know how to create a moment for yourself which is valuable to self.  If you haven't, take a moment right now and think about what you love to do?

If you're having difficulty try thinking back to your childhood or when you were a teenager and let your mind recall the things that interested you.  Chances are those are still a lot of the same things.  Take a piece of paper and jot down things that come to mind even its it's the smallest of thing, jot it down anyway.  Now look at each and recall what about them brought you joy or even still bring you joy to this day.  Doesn't that feel good, to feel good!  Here is my list...

1) Photography
2) Writing
3) Helping people
4) Nature
5) Spending time with family
6) Music
7) Learning new instruments
8) Cooking
9) Hiking
10) Running
11) Fashion
12) Hair
13) Doodling
14) Time with pets

Your list will be unique to you as you are you and I am me.  Are you working?  Do you have a full time job?  Do you have a part time job?  If you are working does your job fall into line with anything on your list of that you love or loved to do?  If not, I feel for you...  Can you please start making time in your day to do at least one thing a day on your list?  Oh, you think you don't have time, silly goose.  Time is relative, time is what you make it, you create your time whether you think you do or not.  When your tv searching that's time, waking up earlier is time, on your break at work is time, when you can't fall asleep is time.  

Fact is, one day you will die.  It's inevitable.  Think that's harsh to say?  Climb out of your little box of safety and realize, one day you will die and when you do I hope you were spending time each day doing something you love and not making the dumbest excuse ever of "I don't have time."  That really is the dumbest excuse ever and so many people use that dumb excuse.  Blah, blah I'm to busy, I have to do this, or that.  BS, you always have time, it's what you CHOOSE to invest your time into every single day.   Are you a gossiper, do you get on the phone and talk about other people, if so use that time of your negativity and invest it into something positive, YOU!  Are you dwelling on your past or your past hurts, if so get over yourself already and stop living in the past and start living in the now!  

Did someone hurt you, if so sorry to hear.  Are you waiting for an apology or something to happen before you can move forward.  If so I feel bad that you're so stuck in your own head and can't let go.  It must suck to be you and live in the past like that.  Don't be a poor me person, poor me people are Suckebuses, they suck the life out of other people with their problems.  There's so many things you can talk about yet you invest your time into thinking about that.  That sucks.  Sucks to be you!  Now get over yourself!  Live in the present!  Now is the only real time you have, as yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't promised, so do something you love today and stop putting yourself off!  PLEASE, do it for you!

Are you unemployed or did you lose your job?  I've been there enough times and I know how that feels.  Use this time to do things on your list.  When you're doing things you love time doesn't exist, remember time is relative.  There's a great chance you will turn something you love into income because you love it so much.  

Please look at your list each day, when you wake up and when you go to bed.  If you're anything like me you wake up in the middle of the night with great ideas or have these amazing dreams that give you more ideas about things you love to do and how you can do them in different ways.  It's good to keep a notepad or the notepad on your handy dandy smartphone so you can jot things down as they come to mind.  

Why is it important to do things you love?  That's simple, because you are important and you matter.  Until you realize that and start mattering to yourself other then the same mundane tasks you to everyday you will be stuck in the same annoying pattern.  Be the creator and author of your own life!  

Now go do something you love, I just did!  I love to write, so I wrote this!  I love to help people, so I hope just nudged you enough to wake up!

I believe in you!

Monday, December 4, 2017

SQUATS are my best friend!

Do you squat?

I DO and I hope you do!  If not, keep reading for reasons why.

Squats work wonders for the human body, just in case you haven't heard.  I only do a set of squats once or twice a day and I've decided to up that.  Why?  Because I should, I can, and I will.   Now that I'm 16 weeks pregnant my baby bump is showing and I want to ensure I don't become a complete lazy ass and not do anything for my body.  After all working our while pregnant can do wonders for me when I'm in labor and I definitely want to do what I can now and up until then to make it better if I can and I will!

What do squats do for the body.  Well honey let me tell you!
1) strengthens butt muscles... makes your booty look good!
2) increases flexibility
3) reduces cellulite
4) builds core strength
5) makes your butt look better!
6) tones abs
7) tones legs
8) helps to prevent lower back pain
9) increases your hops
11) prevents injuries
12) helps to maintain mobility
13) increases your power
14) squats are free!  You can do them anywhere, do some right now!  Do it!
15) good complete workout
16) squats make your butt look better!!!

When I was a manager in a warehouse with a crew full of men I would get a lot of work out advice and one of the main exercises that were stressed were SQUATS!  "Even if you don't do anything, do squats."  This is what I was told.  Back then I worked out a lot, now ehhhh I can do better.  But I definitely do my squats!  

I've even read squats can help to give birth quicker!  whaaaaaaaaat......  nice!

With that said I'm gonna pause and do some squats...  did it!  As I said I'm going to increase the frequency throughout the day I do squats.  Reasoning...  I like to look good naked, duh!  Do I really needs more reasons then that?  

Now go get your squat on!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy Holidays

The official month of Christmas!!!  I love this time of the year filled with Christmas lights, seasons greetings from strangers, people tend to be nicer, decorations in the stores, Christmas music, and an overall great feeling!

The official countdown to Christmas starts today marking December 1, 2017.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, take note of how much nicer humans are!!!  I love it!!!  

Yesterday I decorated inside our home as the pets watched with youngest cat chasing me the entire time.  So funny, but little dude was in the way.  My love was excited to come home and see Christmas decorations, now the only thing we need is a tree which we will go out and get this weekend, of course it will be live for the good smell!  Our baby in the oven even has a stocking up because I'm corny like that!  My love keeps reminding me next year our baby will be out of the oven and enjoying Christmas with us, oh what a gift!

I hope the start of the month is good for all, I know for some the 1st of the month can be looked as a fresh start or a new beginning.  Whatever that looks like for you, make the best of it and enjoy every moment.  

If you don't celebrate the holidays I hope this is a beautiful month for you and if you are a Scrooge I hope you find love in your heart.  Remember love can be found everywhere; in the birds singing, pets at play, smiles of children, the eyes of your loved ones, a favorite outfit, fresh baked food, or even a good bath!  The little things make big possibilities!

Happy Holidays and I love you!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dates confirmed: 13 Weeks, not 15...

13 Weeks and 1 day today, November 15, 2017.

This ultrasound was two days ago.  Two days ago was a scary day!!!   They thought something was wrong with our baby because blood results didn't match up with age of baby.  We were sent to a specialist to find out dates were wrong, at the time they thought we were 17 weeks and they confirmed 13 weeks and to don't go off blood work.  Thank God!  

Definitely explains my lack of weight gain as well and why baby sits low.  Our baby is confirmed healthy in ultrasound and we are very excited.  We opted out of amniotic needle draw do to chance of miscarriage with the draw.  We decided blood work is ideal.  However we do have to do the round of blood tests again since they were thrown out because of the new age.  Everything is all good and gravy.  We will update with those results in a few weeks for all mother's who have similar scenarios.  

They are thinking a GIRL!  If so that's what we are thinking as well.  Yes, we do have a name already which we will update once they confirm.  

Blessings and happiness to all!  Be LOVE!  

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

12 Weeks vs 15 Weeks Pregnant

12 weeks

15 Weeks 

As you can see the top picture is our baby at 12 weeks and the bottom is our baby at 15 weeks.  In the bottom picture baby is turned to the side with arm up (waving to all).  I thought it was just a big nose.  haha.  Doc says the arm is up, I said of course baby is saying hi and waving!  Let me think what I want...  I waved back of course.  Of course baby had an audience in the room, my MAN, my MOM, my MOTHER IN LAW, and ME!  What a nice doctor to let the whole crew in, thanks Doc!

For the first time the pictures above were not taken by me...  tear drops...  I didn't get to take our babies first picture as a Photographer.  Well, I sure as heck will be taking them once baby pops out and I can't wait!!!

At this time today we are now 16 weeks pregnant and super excited.  As far as changes with me, a ton of food aversions.  I don't drink the vanilla almond milk I use to drink daily (all throughout the day), I've turned my back on eggs, meat grosses me out, however I still eat it.  The food aversions have not changed my appetite, I STILL EAT A LOT!  Which is crazy because at my 15 week appointment the doctor said I lost three pounds...  huh?  what?  how?  I eat ice cream almost every other day  now and snack all day long between meals and definitely don't workout the way I use to at all, if any.   I was obviously advised to put on weight "you should put on a pound a week" well, well I'm trying Doc.  Not sure where all the extra calories are going, maybe to my brain.  

I didn't feel pregnant until about 8 weeks into pregnancy
1) boobs grew... finally!  The soreness kicked in
2) food aversions started
3) extremely tired everyday, which is better now in 2nd trimester
4) extremely light cramping
5) I only threw up twice during the first trimester
6) Started sleeping like a champ!  

This is such an exciting time for the both of us as this will be both our first!  What am I scarred of, LABOR!  Other then that I couldn't be more happy!  

We weren't trying for a baby, it just happened.  I met the man of my dreams and it just happened!  My whole entire life changed this year with new love, new life, new home, a new pet (Tigger the crazy kitten), new ride, beautiful outlook on life always, blog in new directions-everywhere like always!  

If you've recently become pregnant as well congrats!  If you're already a mom, my hat is off to ya!  If you're hoping for a baby it will happen just when it's suppose to, so until then keep living life as everything falls into place exactly when it's meant and baby dust to ya!

I love you all!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Why I Love Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Have you been to Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona?  I have now!  My Mom, her Husband, and I all went in May 2017 for my Moms birthday.  She treated me... muhahaha....  THANKS MOM!  She was even generous enough on her birthday to open up a tab at the bar for me, so yes I did indulge and then eat later.  lol  

We had an absolute blast!  What a place this is!  I believe I counted six or seven pools all with different types of water.  You want something really hot, they got it.  You want a regular pool, they got it.  You want epsom salt, they got it and more.  Of course I had to try all of them and had so much fun dipping in and out of each.  

We played in Mud then stepped into the Mud Room.  We rubbed green stuff all over our bodies then sat and let it sit in and afterwards my skin was OH SO SOFT!  Well, my skin is always soft but it did make it softer!  What a time we had!  

My Mom has been there mucho times, but this was my first!  I have to go back!  Next time the tab will be on me Mom!  We will just have to wait until after I deliver this baby inside of me to head back so I can indulge all over again.  No, no, no I wasn't preggo when I went in May.  Next time open bar tab is on me MOM!  

I heard you get in for free on you birthday, so if you're birthday is coming up soon go be lazy!  If you happen to be in Socal go check it out as you will not be disappointed, I PROMISE!

I can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

China House

We came to China House in Lucerne Valley about a week ago on our drive back up to Big Bear California.  My Love would always tell me about the China House each time we would pass the restaurant so he finally took me in to check it out.  What an amazing time we had and ate so much great food!

We were told to sit where we pleased and from there ordered what you see in the pictures above and more!  I didn't take a picture of the soup which I should've and definitely have to tell you the soup is absolutely amazing.  Our waitress was a young friendly female and twice throughout our meal a male, who I believe to be the owner brought us wet napkins to clean our hands.  He had an amazing personality and definitely ensured we had a beautiful time.

We left absolutely full!  My Love had warm sake which he said was great while I indulged on the tea and water, which I must say the tea was absolutely amazing! 

If you're driving through the High Desert definitely head out to Lucerne Valley and stop in at the China House as you will not be disappointed and leave with an absolutely full belly!  If you live in the High Desert and haven't checked this place out, YOU HAVE TO GO ALREADY!  This is by far the best Chinese food I've had in the High Desert.  

Thank you China House for the delicious food, great staff, and full belly!

We will be back!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Nude Resort in Las Vegas is OPEN!!!

I would like to let everyone know that Sea Mountain Inn Nude Resort and Spa has opened up their newest resort in LAS VEGAS!  Sin City just keeps on sinning!  If you go to Vegas check it out!  If you're thinking of going to Vegas and even if you're not, GO!!!!   A place that should be on your bucket list!  Once you go you will go again, and again, and again!  Now go get naked already!

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Monday, July 24, 2017


At some point in relative time we’re going to die.  I’ve had a lot of recent deaths recently and what I’m getting to know is life comes and goes and then…  were you love? 

Every single day that you take a breath on this earth be grateful and look out for those who look out for you.  I have a best friend in life, her name is MELLISSA.   Mellissa is a breath of fresh air, a beautiful spirit, a love of life, a beautiful flower, an amazing escape, a beautiful spirit inside and out and beautiful sexiness on every level.   Mellissa if you read this, I love you, which you know.  YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND AND I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND BEING.

Melissa,  I love you!  When I had nothing you showed up at a stop light with love.  THANK YOU!  Nobody did for me what you did and I thank you for that!  I LOVE YOU!

Life is life, it comes and goes…   what was the last thing you said to someone you love…  was it love?   I hope it was. 

Live life, enjoy life, breathe life, love life, treat people right, no dogma, live what you know is right and love!

You never know what can happen in life and where life can go.   Live, love, be happy, spread love and life, be you most importantly.

As I said, you never know what can happen.  Be your authentic self and if someone gives you some BS. F it!  Life is a beautiful gift and an amazing experience where you can touch so many beings lives while you’re here in a physical presence.

I love you all! 

Universal love,

Zulekha Williams

Friday, April 7, 2017

Love isn't war. Love

War isn't love.

Love is love.

Adults have forgotten how to communicate.
To all of my loving beings, our love is needed right now.

Spread LOVE, not war.  Spread love, compassion, and understanding.

I love you.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Are YOU doing YOU?

Are you doing you?  Seriously, are you being authentic to YOU?  Often times we don’t stop and think and simply ponder if we are being true to ourselves.  I’m not going to go off on a long rant, which we all know I can.  All I have to say is…  Don’t forget to have a self-check-in every now and then and evaluate your own happiness. 

There are those of you who check your blood pressure on a regular basis but don’t check your happiness level.  There are those of you who go to the gym everyday but don’t workout your happiness.  What does being happy even mean to you?  Do you even know anymore or are you that blocked off with yourself that you’ve forgotten about you?

We were all born and inevitably we will all die.  Sound to harsh, put your big adult pants on and cry about it then, but it’s the truth.  We were all born and we will all die.  In the mean time what are you doing on a daily basis to ensure your happiness and to ensure you aren’t living as the result of DOGMA.  Are you living breathing proof of the result of someone else’s thinking?  Are you authentic to you? Do you even know what makes you happy?  Do you know your passions in life?  Do you know you?  Or are you living the result of someone else’s dream, goals, and desires?  Yes, we all or some of us have jobs that aren’t our passions in life.  So what?  Are you caught up on hating your job or are you doing something to change it?  Are you complaining everyday about your annoying complaints that you talk to yourself about in your head all day?  Or, are you getting off work and doing something you love to do that you are passionate about?  Are you waking up earlier to work on something you enjoy that makes you lose track of time and has you grinning from ear to ear?  Are you spending your weekends waiting to go back to work on Monday or are you taking full advantage of this free time you have and doing something you love and when you go to work on Monday when people ask how your weekend was you flash the biggest smile and can’t seem to stop talking about how wonderful your weekend was?  That’s what I do and want you to be able to do too!!!

Long story short, find your passion and do it!  Find your passion and make it a part of you!  If you know your passion stop holding yourself back from enjoying life that much more and stop being a lazy ass and get up already and throw your dumb excuses out the door and do what you love already!  After-all its you who hold you back.  No one else!  Yea I said, it’s you!  Find your passion, live your passion, do your passion and watch how much more you smile and how many more people are infected by your happiness.  It’s such a beautiful thing!