Saturday, March 18, 2017

Are YOU doing YOU?

Are you doing you?  Seriously, are you being authentic to YOU?  Often times we don’t stop and think and simply ponder if we are being true to ourselves.  I’m not going to go off on a long rant, which we all know I can.  All I have to say is…  Don’t forget to have a self-check-in every now and then and evaluate your own happiness. 

There are those of you who check your blood pressure on a regular basis but don’t check your happiness level.  There are those of you who go to the gym everyday but don’t workout your happiness.  What does being happy even mean to you?  Do you even know anymore or are you that blocked off with yourself that you’ve forgotten about you?

We were all born and inevitably we will all die.  Sound to harsh, put your big adult pants on and cry about it then, but it’s the truth.  We were all born and we will all die.  In the mean time what are you doing on a daily basis to ensure your happiness and to ensure you aren’t living as the result of DOGMA.  Are you living breathing proof of the result of someone else’s thinking?  Are you authentic to you? Do you even know what makes you happy?  Do you know your passions in life?  Do you know you?  Or are you living the result of someone else’s dream, goals, and desires?  Yes, we all or some of us have jobs that aren’t our passions in life.  So what?  Are you caught up on hating your job or are you doing something to change it?  Are you complaining everyday about your annoying complaints that you talk to yourself about in your head all day?  Or, are you getting off work and doing something you love to do that you are passionate about?  Are you waking up earlier to work on something you enjoy that makes you lose track of time and has you grinning from ear to ear?  Are you spending your weekends waiting to go back to work on Monday or are you taking full advantage of this free time you have and doing something you love and when you go to work on Monday when people ask how your weekend was you flash the biggest smile and can’t seem to stop talking about how wonderful your weekend was?  That’s what I do and want you to be able to do too!!!

Long story short, find your passion and do it!  Find your passion and make it a part of you!  If you know your passion stop holding yourself back from enjoying life that much more and stop being a lazy ass and get up already and throw your dumb excuses out the door and do what you love already!  After-all its you who hold you back.  No one else!  Yea I said, it’s you!  Find your passion, live your passion, do your passion and watch how much more you smile and how many more people are infected by your happiness.  It’s such a beautiful thing!

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