Monday, March 6, 2017

Hesperia Lake


  1. Cool! It reminds me of my part of the world in May as the trees have yet to bud out their leaves and the ground is not a lush green. Are you in SoCal, lol? The world knows SoCal as lush lawns green all year and needing to be cut throughout the year. Apparently, that is just hype or marketing or both! Take Care and I hope that work is taking care of you now that you are no longer homeless - lucky you!

  2. Yes, I'm still in So Cal and all pictures are definitely my pictures. You are right my mind goes off sometimes and I forget to place commas, , , , , , I will definitely keep it in mind, as I'm writing shorter posts now because I know even with me, I don't read long blog posts as I get bored with them. I will keep you in mind and stay to the point. HAHA Thank you. Photography is a love of mine and take hundreds of pictures everyday! I love photography in the aspect of capturing a moment which I feel will never happen again.