Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zulekha Williams

Hi, I'm Zulekha Williams.  


  1. Well, hello, again friend - this is Ernie from Starbucks and 6th Street. I was worried when your Instagram Account was closed. So, I googled you to see if you were alright. Thank you for having this backup. I am elated to see that you are still in good health. Peace be with you and my nightmare is coming to an end this week, my fellow Nomad. Your news that you were nomadic like me pleasantly shocked me and made me happy. BTW, you look radiant in your profile photo. You do have an infectious smile that always lights up your face and the room. I am elated to find you again online. Peace be with you and have a good day, my friend!

  2. ERNIE! I miss you my friend! Starbucks on 6th and Spring was definitely my 2nd home! I so miss sitting around the table with my Pirate friends laughing, learning, and loving with you all. I'm still nomadic without a permanent place, however I'm experiencing a lot of love and happiness in my current location. I'm sure I will be in many different locations in the near future as well as I can't seem to sit still. I have to see everything. LA was and still is a beautiful adventure that I will never forget and continue to re-visit as I can't stay away from the Ocean. I'm definitely a Water Child at heart and at home in nature. Being around my family again has definitely been a loving experience however it reminds of how different we all are. I find many looked and still look down upon me for not having a permanent residence, however permanence is not for everyone. I've been called "trash" among other negative labels for being a nomad and living homeless, however all I can do is love them more for their lack of compassion as we are all at different soul ages and have learning to do in our own ways. I'm definitely not close to perfect at all and have a lot of growing to do, which I look forward to. We are all on different paths and it was definitely an experience I wouldn't give up for anything. I love you my friend and I'm glad you found me! My photography is still on Instagram as I post every day. I can be found at Zulekha03 on Instagram. I recently rejoined Facebook, however I keep forgetting about it, so I will definitely make more of an effort to be on Facebook more as well. I have to update it because it's been 5 years since I've changed anything on it or touched it. I love you my friend and we will definitely keep in touch!