Friday, July 22, 2016

I'll be at Sensualis TODAY!

July 20 - 26
EROTIKA SENSUALIS as seen in the magazines
Its a love festival - With the most high end guests and most elegant music mashes celebrity guests - Its now no secret. SENSUALIS - The most erotic pool event in the USA. The recipe for Sensualis: take dozens of the sexiest persons in the world, take off all levels of clothing in the day for the misting and cooling waters, shake them all in the Taboo Gardens lounge even in the daytime dance, dip them all in the cool refreshing mineral water pool, bake them in the warm sun for several hours, marinate them with Sea Mountain juices, turn them over so their derrieres are exposed to more heat from the clean air sun, splash them in water and then watch them KISS for several seconds at a time, throw in some imported Seamountaineers, season those tan MOFOs with lots of coco butter, smear it on the sexiest bodies in this universe, add smiles and shake em with some Dewism mash-up tunes, add SMI snacks to their bellies add some love, then as the night starts to caress the day, take one pair of heels, one dab of makeup, set them to shake and dance and collide into the mineral water cool pools and warm hot tub, procreate, set them carefully in their beds and watch them GLOW... Reservation NOW being accepted for the most up-scale of events! 877-928-2827

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