Saturday, December 1, 2018

Happy Holidays

The holidays are here along with elevated spirits, joy, and laughter.  I love this time of the year because humans are more polite.  Notice the way humans tell each other things like;
"Happy Holidays"
"Merry Christmas"
"Happy Thanksgiving"
"Have a wonderful holiday"

During this time of the year humans actually acknowledge one another and speak.  It's amazing!  Why can't this go on through out the rest of the year?  Why can't humans acknowledge one another all year?  It's so easy, all it takes is;
"Good Morning"
"Good Evening"
"Have a Wonderful Day"
"Have a Beautiful Day"
"Enjoy the Rest of Your Day"
"I Hope You Have a Great Day"

I put a lot of those words in caps because I want them to jump out at you, engrain into your subconscious, float around, and then just maybe you will begin to use them throughout your day.  I hope...

Be a nice happy human.

Friday, November 16, 2018

You Are Your Thoughts

Your thoughts run your world...

Have you ever sat back and though about your thoughts?  The very act of thinking about your thoughts is called metacognition.  When our brains develop around age 12 we all have the ability to think about our thoughts.  

1) What messages do you tell yourself throughout the day?
2) What do you say about other people in your head that you come across in life?
3) Are your thoughts mostly positive or negative?
4) What is the first thing you think about when you wake up? Positive or negative?
5) Do you have a positive view of your world or negative?
6) Do you build yourself up or bring yourself down with your thoughts?

These are just a few simple questions to ask yourself.  If your'e not sure about the answer take the rest of your day to analyze your thoughts as you go about your human activities.  At the end of the day you have an awareness of what type of thinker you are.

It's extremely important to have awareness of what you tell yourself throughout your human day.  If you come to a realization that most of your thoughts are putting others down, putting yourself down, negative outlook, poor view of the world around you then you can change all of this.  It's simple!  All you have to do is bring more awareness to your thoughts and when you find yourself going down a negative thought alley, change it!  Just like that, just change it.  Here's how:

1) The world is against me/ I'm the creator of my own destiny
2) I can't stand people/ everyone is different and uniquely beautiful in their own way
3) People are toxic/ there is so much I can learn from others insecurities or negative personality traits because I see myself in others.  Once you see yourself in others you can make healthy changes
4) I hate my job/ this job is just for now and it's allowing me to apply for other jobs.  This job is just for now because it's giving me the money to work on my dreams
5) I hate the people I work with/ I can learn a lot from those I work with and they are teaching me how to communicate with difficult people
6) I'm so unhappy/ I'm grateful to have another day on Earth to begin pursuing my dreams and be the best human I can be
7) They are so annoying/ What do I do that's just like them that I can start changing to better my own character

Try to see the best in things know matter what happens!  I had a career I couldn't stand at one point.  During that time I would spend my breaks and lunch breaks writing down ways to pursue my dreams.  When I would go home I would then put time into my dreams instead of being caught in negative thoughts about my career.  

Did someone do you bad in your past or hurt you.  How long are you going to hold onto that hurt before you move on?  You are only hurting yourself at this point by not letting go.  Can't get over your divorce and how your partner treated you?  Now you are being the toxic human that won't move forward and spending to much time in negative thoughts.  Is that all you talk about, your past hurts?  I can bet other humans don't like interacting with you much because you are a Debby Downer.  Change that!  Be a positive person and shut up about your past hurts and start building a beautiful future each day!

You have the power to create your own destiny.  You can only blame yourself if you choose not to put time and energy into pursuing your dreams.  Stop blaming other humans for your downfalls and instead put time and energy into building your character, pursuing your dreams, and doing whatever it is that makes you smile.  You are the creator of your own destiny.  

Go be a better you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Quality Time With My Family Is The Best Time

I don't want to me a Mommy who just wants to get things done.  I want to be a Mommy who spends quality time with my baby boy and my family first.  Quality time is something you can never get back nor try to replace.  Quality time for me means putting my phone down and giving my family my undivided attention.  Through my Mental Health Career over the years I learned children and teenagers just want their parents to put their phones down.  I don't want my children to feel that social media is more important then them because it's not.  Social media is a facade of a life where people paint pictures of either what they want their lives to be or flat out lie.  Yes, I have a Facebook and an Instagram but it doesn't run my life.  I hope to have my children gain from me, you don't need your phone in front of you 24/7.

Laundry will eventually get done, the dishes will get done and I'm fine with putting them off because I would rather see my son's smile, talk to my Man when he gets home from work, eat dinner together, cuddle up on the couch with my family.  These are all things which can't be replaced.  When I feed my son I don't answer the phone.  When my family is watching a movie or eating dinner together-I don't answer the phone because phone life can wait, this is family time.

When I go to my family members home's I make an effort to set my phone down and even better, leave it in my purse on vibrate because people calling and texting can wait.  I would rather give my family my undivided attention then run for my phone.  Yes, at times I do wish cell phones never happened.  They are fun, but what if they never happened?  Humans would actually be forced to talk to one another.  It's the most annoying thing to me when someone is holding my baby and then freak out because OMG their phone is going off and they make a mad dash to get to their phone.  Okay you phone controlled human, give me my baby back!  NOW!

When you're around your family remember what quality time is.  Talk to one another, if you're going to bring up the person's past speak about things which lift them up-don't focus on their past failures nor negative personality traits.  Build them up!  Put your phone down and if you're brave enough turn it off or put it on silent out of eye site because that person calling you or texting you can wait.  Theres nothing like the time you spend with someone uninterrupted when they are physically in front of you.

Now go be a nice human.

Friday, November 2, 2018

THINK Before Touching a Pregnant Belly

I would like to say sorry to all of the pregnant belly’s I touched and rubbed over the years without asking.  I never realized how annoying this was until I was pregnant and my gosh, random people would walk up to me and touch my belly.  Then say, oh is it okay if I touch your belly, as they’re already all over it. SMH

I’m so sorry to all of the women I did this to which was only a handful and to those handful, I apologize.  I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.  You should’ve threw up in my face.

If you know someone who’s pregnant it’s probably not a good idea to rub on their belly when they’re not even showing.  OMG this drove me crazy.  I promised myself next time I’m pregnant I’m not going to tell everyone because I don’t want them rubbing all over me.  Why do you feel the need to rub on someone belly when I’m not even showing?  It’s kind of rude.  

Words of advice…  If you see a pregnant female ask if you can touch their belly before you reach out your hand.  I would most likely say yes, but I do have my days when I don’t want to be touched.  If you are granted permission, don’t beat the belly.  I had a few people pat my belly so hard I wanted to drop kick them.  NO, NO, NO peeps my baby is inside I will turn the Universe over for my baby.

When your pregnant emotions are everywhere, nausea comes and goes, back aches, drunk people are annoying, hands all over you is annoying, so be courteous and keep your hands to yourself unless you are granted permission.  It’s the nice human thing to do.  

Be a nice human. Thanks. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Are YOU Living?

Time and time I ask myself, are you living?  What I mean by this is, are you living the life you want to live or going through the motions in auto pilot and letting life happen to you.  I always want my answer to be, I'm living and I'm constantly creating the life I want to live as a direct result of my actions and thinking.

What you think can be a direct result to how you are living.  Are your thoughts positive or negative?  Ae you constantly in a state of worry or happiness?  Are putting others down or building them up?  Thoughts make up a lot what you do with your life, how you treat other people, and are a direct result of what type of influencer or role model you are.  Like it or not we are all role models as there are always people watching what we do and how we act.  

With all that said, I try not to curse.  Yeah, yeah, whatever I curse.  However I try to keep it to a minimum with awareness of whose in earshot.  Now that I just wrote that statement I realize how BS it is and that I should not curse at all.  GAME ON!  I'll let you know how that goes...

So, am I living?  I think I can do better.  I'm doing a lot of what I want to do, however not all of what I want to do.  I will invest more time into my photography and writing as I've greatly slacked off on these two through my pregnancy and post birth.  I don't and will not be that person that makes excuses as to why they didn't do the things they wanted to in life.  I hope you will not be that person as well.  I hope you are living and doing the things you want and not making sorry crappy excuses as to why you are not daily.  STOP LYING TO YOURSELF!  STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK!  Be your biggest cheerleader, be the you you want to be.  Don't wait, be your best you now!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

I'm back Y'all!

I’ve been flying like bird away from my blog for quite some time now.  Well, I’m back.  Why?  I had a baby.  Whew, that took a lot out of me!  But I’m so grateful for my our newborn baby boy, his name is Maddox and he’s freaking phenomenal… as he should be.  

I’m gonna be back to posting regularly again.  I’m a Mommy now, will that change my blog…  maybe perhaps some of the topics involving parenting, new mother, new father, kids, babies and such.  Other then that I will still rag about whatever.  muhahahahaaa

Thursday, March 22, 2018



When you think of the word friend, what comes to mind?  What is a real friend? 

 For me a friend is someone who you can trust, who you love, and have an understanding relationship with.

Let’s start with trust.  Trust can mean many different things to different people.  For me trust is being able to talk to someone and divulge information about yourself without that information moving along to other ears.  Trust is trusting that person with your life.  Yes, I took it as far as saying with your life.  If you were on life support and needed someone to say whether you live or not do you trust your best friend to make the right decision for you?  Perhaps that to deep so let me keep it simple.  Do your trust your friends with your children, with your bank account information, with your sensitive information?  Trust can go in so many different directions.

A friend is someone you love and loves you back.  Can you honestly say you love your friends?  I keep a very small tight circle of friends because although I do honestly feel I love everyone in this world, even those who have betrayed me, there is a different type of love a friend gives.  A friend embodies a type of love in which you feel safe, accepted, and understood and you give the same feeling back in return.

Understanding means so much and is often misunderstood.  I personally don’t feel understood by many including family members.  To really understand where someone is coming from and their intentions means really knowing a person which involves listening and awareness.  Not many humans are good at listening.  Listening is an art in which matters so much.  If I consider a person a friend, I also consider them a great listener.  No, I’m not one to go on and on about my problems because to be honest that’s just annoying to only hear someone’s problems in a friendship.  Listening involves being aware of someone’s non-verbal communication as well as their audible and being able to pick up on their subtle cues when in person.  A great friend can also pick up on subtle cues even over the phone because they know you so well.

The thing about life is some friends come and go and some are lifelong.  Throughout life you will lose friends and make new ones because that’s just how life goes.  Some friends are seasonal and for these you have to know when to let them go and move on.  Humans change throughout the course of their lives because of life changing circumstances, tragedy, happiness, birth, love, marriage, death, accident, school, drugs, career, self-education, media, and so many more things.  When people change it can be for the good or bad.  I know who try so hard to hold onto friends who know longer have purposes in one another lives but just because they’ve been friends for so long.  To be a good friends means knowing when to let someone go one throughout life if you are the friend who drags them down and keeps them growing in life.  Letting go is hard, but at times it’s needed.  It may be the other way around and you have to let someone go because you know longer move forward in life because of this friend or perhaps one another may be keeping each other in a bad place. 

Just with all things in life friends change just as the weather changes, as the season changes, as life changes.  Some friends will be lifelong and some will be for brief short periods of time.  If you lose a friend or someone tells you they no longer wish to be friends don’t be afraid to let them go and flourish on their own.  After-all we don’t stay attached to our parents for life, we learn, we grow, and we go start our own lives because that’s life.