Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Compliments Are Nice

Are you a human who compliments other humans?  I've really taken notice lately to how many humans "hate" on other humans.  

Recently my family and I were at an event and I overheard someone sharing some wonderful news so I ran over and threw out some compliments and then...  Mrs Debby Downer quickly jumped in with all her hating remarks while trying make her hate sound concerned and nice.  I didn't have my pie of be nice to humans to slap her with so I just complimented again when her negativity stopped.  

Where's the love?  Oh here's another, you show someone or tell someone about something amazing and they have to ONE UP YOU.  "Well that's cool, but what I have is wayyyyy better."  Why can't humans acknowledge another humans without having to show or express why "they" are "better."  

Now that I"m a Mommy I'm definitely running away fast from negative Mommy's who speak negatively about children and babies.  OOOOOHHHHHHH good example right here- the new Gerber Baby was posted today and my goodness Mommy's left the most hateful comments ABOUT A BABY!  WOW.  Kairi is a beautiful baby and wow did some of the hating Mommy's really show their ugliness with their comments.  I can only hope that those women grow quickly so they aren't teaching their children that same hatefulness.  
-------and we wonder why bullies are in schools...  it starts with the parents.  Lead by example.

Let's all take a moment and ground ourselves.  Go frolic on a beach, have a good nap, workout, read a good back, watch a happy movie, or MAKE LOVE!  Do whatever it takes to get that negativity out of you.  

Love is so much better.

Happiness is choice.

Let's all be nice humans.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentines Day Tip

Valentines Day Tip:

No Panties are BETTER then Red Panties

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Simple Human

We recently bought a new trash can from Simple Human which got me thinking...  how simple am I?

Am I holding on to crap I know longer need because I think I might need it one day?  Am I materialistic?  Am I holding onto friends who know longer fit into my life or may even be dangerous for my life?  Simple human questions to ponder along with a whole lot more.

Just like you I live in this Universe where as humans you wouldn't even see us if taking a glance from space.  Yet, we make ourselves out to be so important and some portray they are better then others.  Are you a human who speaks to other humans?  What if that human is homeless?  Would you help your fellow human?  Although many wouldn't call it an opportunity, I had the amazing opportunity for my life to be drastically changed a few years ago and went from driving my muscle car, my own spot, and my fun life to sleeping on buses, sleeping in the streets, muscle car gone, money gone, and living daily with no place to call home.  This was the best thing that could've happened to me although I didn't realize it.  It brought me back to SIMPLICITY.

As humans we don't need much when we think we need everything.  I can't have kids until I land that job, can't travel until I make this much money, I need this car, and that toy, and gimme, gimme, and gimme some more.  We want so much all while missing the amazingness all around us every single day all day long.  Life is so simple, yet we make it so dramatic.  Why?  Who are you trying to impress human?  

I met the most amazing people on Earth when I was roaming and leaving my material possessions behind to never be seen again.  I had the best conversations with other people who didn't have all that jazz that society is selling us.  I had the best insights while sitting on the beach or simply walking.  I learned there are humans who don't have conversations about themselves and drama.  The simple act of physically moving your body forward and walking sparks creativity and gets your brain going.   I learned so much about myself by being without.  I learned so much about "friends and family."  I learned my friends and family are everywhere as we are all interconnected to one another and this amazing Universe.  I learned strangers are family members we are yet to meet.  Some should be avoided like the plague and beautiful energy sent their way because after-all, that human is also one with you which makes you them and them YOU!

How simple is your life or are you living in chaos?  Here's a simple start, remove the clutter out of your life.  We don't need to own EVERYTHING.  Shed items and humans that know longer make your life a BETTER LIFE, stop waiting!  Feathers will be ruffled and when they are be a duck, shake it off, and move forward.  Your future self will thank you for it.

1) junk
2) humans- stop waiting for that perfect time.  DO IT NOW!
3) old clothes
4) clean your garage
5) clean your car out
6) any items blocking natural sunlight from entering your home
7) clutter out of walkways and doorways- why shouldn't you move easily throughout your home?
8) old toys
9) useless chatter in your mind- yep, that can removed too
10) negative thinking
11) negative humans
12) negativity
13) bad relationships
14) self sabotaging self talk
15) whatever is not bringing you back to simplicity

Everyday we are teaching one another whether it be vicarious or direct.  We learn from one another through observation and contact.  We learn we either want to be nothing like that human or more like that human.  We learn about ourselves by watching others.  What you see that human do that you don't like- remove the same actions that cause you to be like that human from your life.  Remove the excess and bring YOU back to SIMPLICITY.


Thursday, February 7, 2019


Let’s talk about SEX baby! Are you having it?  Are you enjoying it?  Are you fearing it?

Most humans have sex whether in or out of a relationship.  Some choose multiple sex partners, some choose monogamy, some choose abstinence, and some are just plain old confused by the act.  Which are you?

I’m in a monogamous relationship, so my Love and I are only having sex with one another because that’s what we choose.  We’re nudists so other humans think we have sex with multiple humans, however we’re not lifestyle when it comes to the act.  So were having amazing sex just with each other.  I personally love sex and feel now that I’m in my mid 30’s I honestly enjoy it so much more.  I attribute increased enjoyment to increased self-awareness, insight, body acceptance, and happiness.  

When I was single unfortunately I wasn’t having much sex.  Why?  Fear of catching something.  Now that I’m in a relationship OMGoodness, SEX Please, oh were done… more sex please!

Women with children in relationships, I’m calling out to you!  Let’s have a brief chat…
Are you having sex on the regular?  Are you purposely making excuses to not have sex with you partner? Are you to tired?  Well Mama, shake all that off, take your clothes off, and jump on top of your man or lady!  Would you rather someone else do it?  Let me increase your awareness of the outside world for a second.  When your man or women leaves your home he or she will encounter and observe numerous other humans throughout their day and you know what? There will be some out of this world good looking people they come across.  They will see sex all day long, observe what’s peeking out of low cut shirts, taking a second glance at that juicy booty that walked by, noticing that bulge, and taking secret looks at those muscles.  At the end of the day are they coming home to you in a mumu looking as sloppy as you can look?
            Think on that one for a bit! 

So what can we do as women? Try!  Make an effort with the way you look, with what you put on, I’m asking you to make an attempt to be sexy.  Is that too much to ask for?  Or would you rather your partner get laid by that sexy lil thang at the gas station?  Hmmmm….  Oh, you don’t feel sexy?  What can you do to make efforts to feel good about yourself?  Workout, drink more water, stop eating your kids treats when you give them out, go for a walk with your kids, make healthy food choices, where flattering clothes, just a few things to think of…  do something that make your partner say, “dayuuum you look good,” hey sexy!”  

All the single ladies! All the single men!  How’s your sex life?  What do you want it to be?  I don’t hate on anyone who chooses multiple partners, after all Bobby Brown said it’s your prerogative.  Single people tend to do better about feeling good about themselves.  Meaning singles have increased confidence, tend to hit the gym more often, purchase flattering clothes, walk with heads held high, and all that jazz.  Protect yourself and have a freaking orgasmic blast!  If you don’t feel good about yourself, do something about it!!!!

Ladies, I’m calling out to you again!  How often are you initiating sex with your partner?  Keep your partners sexual eyes for you burning!  Are you not initiating…  start!  Your partner will be so happy!  Oh, are you one of THOSE WOMEN who get mad if your partner slaps your ass, grabs your boobs, or touches your hakunamatata?  Don’t get mad, if it’s in public the singles are secretly wishing they had that type of affection daily.  Take a lesson from your partner and the next time your partner walks by give a sexual touch or grab.  It could lead to…. ohhhh, ahhhhh, yeaaaaa!

With that said, go have fun! Oh I forgot, do you not feel like you’re good enough?  Watch a porno or have more talks with your friend who thoroughly enjoys sex and take some notes!  

Hope this post wasn’t to sexy for you...  if it was, watch a porno!  Even better, make a porno!   

I almost forgot!  Make sure you are going down on your partner!  Remember, what you don't do-that sexy lil thang at the gas station will.... so do it!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Thoughts

Happy  Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you all.  I love you.  

I hope everyone has had a happy holiday to those who celebrate and happy days to those who don't.  I love the holidays, people are nicer, happier, and all that jazz.  What do the holidays mean to you?

When I think of the holidays I fantasize about Christmas gatherings, music, enjoying time with one another, good spirited humans, an overall joyful time with lots of food, love, and a Happy Happy New Year!

I love the holidays!

Are you a happy person to be around during the holidays?  Take a minute, sit back, and think?  Do I give off good vibes and love to people?  If I don't it needs to be fixed ASAP.  If I do, am I doing it everyday and not just the holidays?

It's important to yourself and for those you come into contact with to have good energy and a positive well being.  After all, who likes a Debby Downer-I don't and neither do You!  I love cheerful humans with positive things to speak about and forget the gossip, we all know it's annoying.  Be happy!  Do what you have to do to achieve that happiness and to put a smile on your face, you deserve it.  What does that mean to you, to put a smile on your own face?  Do you even know anymore?

To put a smile on my face, I write... duh.  I listen to good music, speak to those who are happy humans without negativity, dance, laugh, workout, watch favorite shows, capture, go places, and most of all be with my family and cuddle up with my Man.  It's good to know what put's a smile on your face, by having that insight you can boost your spirits.  Don't ever blame other humans for you being sad, depressed, or mad.  Yes, they will do things that make you upset, but YOU HAVE THE POWER to continue to allow yourself to be mad, sad, depressed, or move on to things that make you happy.  We all have flaws, those are just your thoughts and you always have the ability to change them.  Smile.  

Happy Holidays.  I love you!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Happy Holidays

The holidays are here along with elevated spirits, joy, and laughter.  I love this time of the year because humans are more polite.  Notice the way humans tell each other things like;
"Happy Holidays"
"Merry Christmas"
"Happy Thanksgiving"
"Have a wonderful holiday"

During this time of the year humans actually acknowledge one another and speak.  It's amazing!  Why can't this go on through out the rest of the year?  Why can't humans acknowledge one another all year?  It's so easy, all it takes is;
"Good Morning"
"Good Evening"
"Have a Wonderful Day"
"Have a Beautiful Day"
"Enjoy the Rest of Your Day"
"I Hope You Have a Great Day"

I put a lot of those words in caps because I want them to jump out at you, engrain into your subconscious, float around, and then just maybe you will begin to use them throughout your day.  I hope...

Be a nice happy human.

Friday, November 16, 2018

You Are Your Thoughts

Your thoughts run your world...

Have you ever sat back and though about your thoughts?  The very act of thinking about your thoughts is called metacognition.  When our brains develop around age 12 we all have the ability to think about our thoughts.  

1) What messages do you tell yourself throughout the day?
2) What do you say about other people in your head that you come across in life?
3) Are your thoughts mostly positive or negative?
4) What is the first thing you think about when you wake up? Positive or negative?
5) Do you have a positive view of your world or negative?
6) Do you build yourself up or bring yourself down with your thoughts?

These are just a few simple questions to ask yourself.  If your'e not sure about the answer take the rest of your day to analyze your thoughts as you go about your human activities.  At the end of the day you have an awareness of what type of thinker you are.

It's extremely important to have awareness of what you tell yourself throughout your human day.  If you come to a realization that most of your thoughts are putting others down, putting yourself down, negative outlook, poor view of the world around you then you can change all of this.  It's simple!  All you have to do is bring more awareness to your thoughts and when you find yourself going down a negative thought alley, change it!  Just like that, just change it.  Here's how:

1) The world is against me/ I'm the creator of my own destiny
2) I can't stand people/ everyone is different and uniquely beautiful in their own way
3) People are toxic/ there is so much I can learn from others insecurities or negative personality traits because I see myself in others.  Once you see yourself in others you can make healthy changes
4) I hate my job/ this job is just for now and it's allowing me to apply for other jobs.  This job is just for now because it's giving me the money to work on my dreams
5) I hate the people I work with/ I can learn a lot from those I work with and they are teaching me how to communicate with difficult people
6) I'm so unhappy/ I'm grateful to have another day on Earth to begin pursuing my dreams and be the best human I can be
7) They are so annoying/ What do I do that's just like them that I can start changing to better my own character

Try to see the best in things know matter what happens!  I had a career I couldn't stand at one point.  During that time I would spend my breaks and lunch breaks writing down ways to pursue my dreams.  When I would go home I would then put time into my dreams instead of being caught in negative thoughts about my career.  

Did someone do you bad in your past or hurt you.  How long are you going to hold onto that hurt before you move on?  You are only hurting yourself at this point by not letting go.  Can't get over your divorce and how your partner treated you?  Now you are being the toxic human that won't move forward and spending to much time in negative thoughts.  Is that all you talk about, your past hurts?  I can bet other humans don't like interacting with you much because you are a Debby Downer.  Change that!  Be a positive person and shut up about your past hurts and start building a beautiful future each day!

You have the power to create your own destiny.  You can only blame yourself if you choose not to put time and energy into pursuing your dreams.  Stop blaming other humans for your downfalls and instead put time and energy into building your character, pursuing your dreams, and doing whatever it is that makes you smile.  You are the creator of your own destiny.  

Go be a better you!