Monday, January 30, 2017

Hippies and Free Spirits

            “You’re a hippie!  Why are you such a free spirit?”  This weekend I had a close family member call me a hippie and asked why I was such a free spirit.  This particular family member said and asked this in the most negative tone.  
            Now that I’ve had a few days to dwell on it in my hippie mind I came to a realization, yep I sure am.  Yes, I do blow in the wind, I’m amazed by everything, so much excites me, I’m willing to try most things, I’m comfortable in my own skin, I love who I am, I wear me out-loud with confidence, I love who I am, and I really enjoy being with me.  I have so much fun with myself and by myself sometimes, I can’t even believe it.  Lol  
            I don’t believe in violence, I wish there was no such thing as military, I wear exactly what makes me feel like me, I dance my heart out and I can dance all night long!  I’m so comfortable in my own skin that I love me naked.  After-all weren’t we all brought into this world naked, I’m comfortable nude in front of people, I play the guitar, all of my tattoos are about love, I like freedom.  Does all this me-ness make me a hippie?
            The same person who I still love no matter what although they told me they hate me, criticized me for being a free spirit.  What’s wrong with my spirit being free?  What’s wrong with me loving me for who I am and being comfortable in whichever room I’m in.  Is it my dreadlocks which I don’t keep tightly maintained, perhaps my tattoos on my neck, my back, my arms, my body?  Is it the way in which I can’t stop smiling that possibly offends?  I wish everyone smiled more, I wish everyone felt comfortable in their own skin, I wish everyone didn’t rush into relationships and first discovered the relationship with self.    
            I was homeless for five months and wandered and made some of the best friendships, met the most amazing people, fell deeper in love with myself, gave up everything I owned, walked away from my Camaro that was used against me, left a city where people wanted me dead and gone, sat on beaches for hours and watched the sunrise and sunset, stood in awe of nature’s beauty, slept outside, on buses, at church, on the floor of friends rooms and homes, slept on trains, yet I was so content.  Does this make me a hippie or a free spirit?  Or does this make me, ME and not you?
            I stand in amazement as people stand by and judge one another and talk about what people don’t have.  It’s as if some individuals think their way of living and their opinions mean everything.  Why do humans have such a need to give their opinions about other people’s lives or what someone else should be doing with their time or money.  PEOPLE OF EARTH, WE ARE NOT ALL ALIKE AND WE DON’T WANT THE SAME THINGS.  We are all in different places in our lives although we are one, we have different minds, values, and beliefs. 
            Yes, I am “hip” and “aware” of what is going on around me, however it doesn’t mean I have to conform to societal views nor yours.  Yes, I’ve done sit-ins and refused to leave public places, yes I believe in no borders, and I don’t prefer Donald Trump’s views.  Do I hate Mr. Trump?  Nope, I do not.  I simply see him as a man who may need more love and awareness to spread more love and awareness.  We are all in this world we call Earth, yet we as humans created boundaries and borders to separate one another.  I don’t believe in boundaries and borders, I love every person I meet whether they show love for me or not.

            If all this means I’m a hippie and a free spirit, then so be it.  All I know is I have a strong desire to spread love and compassion.  I have a strong desire to live in a world in which all beings feel and display unconditional love and unconditional positive regard for each other and self.  I love you and I love me.  Most important I hope you love you more to love each other more and more!  My free spirited, hippie heart loves you so much!

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