Thursday, January 12, 2017

I joined TINDER!

I joined Tinder!  Man, do I feel like a tinder piece of meat… jk   Seriously though, I joined Tinder.  I remember when I first heard about Tinder.  I was told by a group of friends that Tinder was a sex site where people go to hook up.  My response, “I would never!”  Here I am, on Tinder.
I joined Tinder about three weeks ago.  No, I haven’t been on a date yet.  Yes, I do find the app amusing.  In the past I had an EHarmony membership for about two months, then transitioned over to for about three months.  EHarmony, I never went on a date. I actually went on two dates.  My first date with Match was a man who I thought was my age, yet acted like a teenager.  Men, do not tell me that you are sexy.  This is what he did throughout the entire date.  At one point he bent over and said, “you like this don’t you?”  In my head I was thinking, NOOOOOOOO, and I can’t wait for this date to be over with so I can get away from you.  My second date on Match was with a guy a few years older than me, I’m 33.  I feel like he gave me a warning when he said, “most of my friends who are married are on Match, they use it to cheat on their wives.”  I laughed it off, only to realize a few dates later he was a complete player.  He admitted it. 
After taking a good year and a half break from online dating, I joined Tinder three weeks ago.  I have to admit, I like Tinder the best!  I like Tinder because I don’t get messages from men I’m not into cluttering my inbox.  If I swipe right and he swipes right, then we can message one another.  If I swipe right and he doesn’t then he’s not feeling me, or made a terrible mistake by left swiping me on accident.  If he swipes right and swipe left on him, he can’t message me.   I admit, there are times when I’m on a roll swiping left for guys I’m not interested in, then by accident I swipe left on someone I would be interested in and that’s that.  He’s gone.  “Awwww man!” 
I’m that female who will not message a man first.  I know this is 2017 now and us women can make the first step.  I guess I’m traditional when it comes to dating.  I like to be asked out on a date.  I don’t message first because I have this irrational thought that men talk to so many women, that if he’s interested for sure then he will make the first move and message me.  I tend to give guys I match with on Tinder a few days to message me, then if nothing I happily change my selection with them to un-match, then poof they are gone.  I never regret it.  I feel as if we both don’t communicate with one another, then we would waste one another’s time.  Yes, said person could be out of town or blah blah blah, however if all of a sudden I get the notification that we are a match after I right swiped him first and we still don’t message one another for a few days, then it wasn’t enough of an interest to move forward with communication.  I prefer a man who takes initiative.  Men who know what they want is sexy to me.  I select un-match, and poof they are gone.
So yes, three weeks later and the furthest I’ve gone with someone is messaging back and forth for a few days then realizing naw, I’m cool.  Correction, I did give one guy my number and we talked a few days then communication fell off between the two of us.  Or hey, maybe he thought I was crazy.  Either way, we obviously aren’t interested in each other enough to keep the communication going.  So what did I do, click un-match and poof he was gone.
Yes, I still like Tinder.  I even recommended it to my ex!  Yep, sure did.  I can’t keep all the fun to myself if I found a dating site I like.  After-all, I want him to be happy too!  If you wish bad on another person, or un-happiness on another person then you’ve got some serious issues.  Ex’s are ex’s for a reason, we are not a match.  I wish all my ex’s the best and hope they find their soulmates.  Like I said, ex’s are ex’s for a reason.  I don’t like to go backwards where I’ve already been and know it doesn’t work.  I prefer to move forward.  That’s my opinion whether you like it or not. 
When I’m bored, which isn’t often because I LOVE MY HOBBIES, I find myself selecting my Tinder app and swiping mostly left with a few rights.  It’s actually quite fun!  I would like to say thank you to the men on Tinder who are honest in their profiles in saying you are on Tinder solely for hook-ups.  After-all why waste one another’s time.  I’m not on Tinder for hook-ups.  If I was I would’ve had a date by now! 
Even though you didn’t ask, here’s some advice to the men who aren’t on Tinder for hookups.  WRITE INFORMATON IN YOUR PROFILE!  This can get you pretty far with us women!  Once again, write information in your profile.  What you write says a lot about who you are and what you want.  I left swipe anyone who doesn’t have words in their profile.  Why, because my irrational thinking tells me that if someone IS NOT SERIOUS about finding real companionship they write nothing.  Some more advice, because you didn’t ask.  To those men who’s profiles only state, “just ask,” you are lazy.  If you couldn’t take the time to fill out a profile, I would rather not waste my time in asking what you could’ve already stated.  It’s already annoying to message back and forth only to find out info that could’ve already been stated.  Left swipe, poof you are gone.
Aghhhh, I got some more advice you didn’t ask for.  Post more than one picture.  Preferably at least three at the minimum.  At least one close up picture and one far away to really see what you look like.  I think I have five pictures on my profile.  One close up, one full body, one in a bikini, and different angles so you can really see me and not wonder what I look like other than my face.  To those with one picture no matter how attractive you are, left swipe and poof you are gone.
I’ve been asked by people, “you joined Tinder, isn’t that a sex site?”  For some it is, for some it isn’t.  For me it is not.  Life is what you make it.  I had a conversation about a month ago with a female from Europe who informed me, “it’s only American’s who think Tinder is only for sex.  American’s are so close minded.  Tinder is for meeting new friends, Tinder is for finding the love of your life, Tinder is for sex, and Tinder is for social circles.”  Yes, I was that American who assumed Tinder was only for sex.  She is the reason I joined Tinder.  She opened my eyes to my preconceived judgments about something I never researched and instead judged.  Thank you my friend!
I like Tinder the most because of the simple fact that you only message each other once each side has right swiped one another.  It’s simple, it’s FREE, and it’s fun.  I like simple things. 
Will I be one that says, “I met my husband on Tinder?”  Who knows.  Right now, I’m definitely enjoying and encourage more singles to join!  Tinder is free!

YES, I'm aware it doesn't help when I write stuff like this for the world to see when dating...  I could care less.  Haha.  I guess I'm way to honest about my life and my adventures.  Guess that's why it's MY Blog.  Thinking of other ways to make people say, "did she really just write that."  


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