Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Royal Pagoda Motel

    I stayed at the Royal Pagoda Motel in China Town two nights ago.  I spent one night at the Pagoda with my amazing actress friend.  She told me about the Royal Pagoda Motel and mentioned she had stayed here on a few occasions and each time it was clean and bug free.  Basically my only criteria for a place to lay my head is clean and bug free...  that's what helps me to sleep through the night!
    At night the Royal Pagoda Motel is lit up beautifully, you can't miss it.  Its red all around and no, you can't see all the red lights when you're in you're room, so it won't bother you.  Outside of your room however they are a pure delight to look at.  Yes, I love lights... easily amused I am.   During the day the lights are off.
    The room price was $91.00 on a Monday night for two people to share a room, which is a great price for the quality of room.  We spent about $45.00 each to split the room, not bad at all.  The staff here are very polite and courteous, which is something you tend to not get in Los Angeles with rooms less then $100.00.  From the front desk to the maids, I was greeted by everyone and they all ensured my stay was phenomenal.  
    The room has a mini refrigerator, flat screen television, accent walls, upgraded rooms from the norm, a desk, and two individual chairs.  Our room came with two pillow top queen mattresses.  No smoking in the rooms, signs are everywhere.  For my toker's, its a short walk outside to enjoy your smoke of choice.  
  The best part, checkout is at 12pm.  Yes, 12pm!  So you can sleep in.  The only thing that may prevent you sleeping in are the chatty maids in the am.  There definitely happy with their morning joy and conversations as they work, however the walls are thin.  Ear plugs to sleep in or squeeze in your ear buds.  I'm sure if they were asked they would've been a little quieter.  I didn't mind, I was so tired I kept falling back asleep.  All in all this is a great place to stay and I highly recommend the Royal Pagoda Motel.  I would definitely stay here again!  
    Thanks for a good nights rest Royal Pagoda Motel!

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