Saturday, December 3, 2016

Target, Goodbye Crew

I worked for Target...

At Target I was an Operations Manager for the Ontario California Fulfillment Center.  In a lump sum, we fulfilled all of the non-conveyable online orders for

This is to my crew, sorry I didn't say goodbye...
I'm horrible with goodbyes, better with hello's, great at laughter.  Working with you all was by far the best part of my job while fulfilling a robotic role, that apparently I was not very good at fulfilling.  A robot is what I'm not, an opinion is what I have, and a desire for an inclusive environment is worth walking away for.

I would like to let you all know, I love you.  I love all of your individual unique ways, temperaments, styles, and beautiful minds.  Thank you for inspiring me, enlightening me, and assisting me in my own individual growth as a human being.  Human beings is what we are with an innate desire to achieve and grow in harmonious ways.  You were each a part of my growth as a being which assisted me in focusing my lenses to see the truth behind the Target veil.

I could've stayed and did what would've hurt my heart, compromised my integrity, and plummeted my character.  Or I could've left as I did and walked away from what I knew in my heart was wrong.  When it comes down to it, I'm not the type of person that does something just for the money or ego boost.  Target leaders above the Group Leader level made it very easy to walk away, being that they didn't back me, back you, nor support a healthy change at the time.  I went to all I could in hopes of opening eyes, however some chose to lead blindly while taking on the form of sheep.  I was told, it's your job or theirs...  I chose yours and walked away.

DOGMA, is what I very strongly don't believe in.  Thank you Steve Jobs for your beautiful Stanford speech in which you told me to follow my heart.  When I walked away from Target, I followed my heart.  Please know that I gave you all of me in every interaction we had, whether it be in a group setting or individually.  I believe in  being fully present in whatever one is doing or whomever one may be interacting with in order to truly feel and be their with someone, so that's what I gave you.  I gave you my all, everyday within every moment.

My purpose as I walk this beautiful earth is to spread Love, and spreading love is what I will continue to do.  I reached the glass ceiling at Target, not of wealth, but of my love no longer having an impact to ripple a healthy change.

With that said, I love you all.  I love you for your strength, endurance, drive, family focus, team unity, humility, laughter, and for each of you for simply be the you that you are.  You are all so beautiful with wonderful hearts and individual passions.  Don't forget about your passions in life.  Don't forget about what moves you and drives you.  Whatever it is you love to do, do that!  I'm not saying drop everything as I, simply do a little of what you love each day.  Within each of those moments of doing what you love you will see that they tend to last a little longer and makes your days a little brighter.  When you do what you love everything else just seems to work out for the best when you believe in yourself.  I believe in all of you!

Thank you all for being beautiful and unique beings.  You all inspired me!!!  I love You!!!

Universal Love

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