Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why I Love Photography

Why do I love photography?
There’s something special and amazing to me about capturing a moment that will never again be.  No matter how you attempt to alter a scene or whatever-ness, you can’t recreate the same exact capture and have it be an exact duplicate.  The elements of nature make it impossible, don’t even try.  This is why I love photography!  There a specialness about something that will never happen again in life, that uniqueness you can look back upon and reminisce while it takes you to that special moment back in time.  The ability to remember and reflect is beauty.  It’s love.  Its life.

Photography has been an interest of mine my entire life.  Since I can remember I loved taking photos.  The first camera I came across was the black polaroid my parents owned.  To capture a moment and then have it instantly reflected back to you in your hands is magical.  I remember shaking the pictures and watching forms and shapes appear as if a wizard was behind me working up the perfect potion of memorable moments.

To this day I can look at a photograph and have it touch my heart, whether it be in sadness, happiness, frustration, or confusion.  Regardless, it touches me in a way that reminds me how important it is to feel.  Feeling, the sister of empathy and sympathy with each other as a whole, as one.  Were all so different yet the same, which you can see in photographs.  Watching a son grow up and pose just as his father, a daughter have the same love in her heart as her mother, a landscape stop me in my tracks are all feelings I wish and hope all feel.

I love the way nature photography reminds me we to are nature.  The way nature coexists with each other as one teaches me to stay simple, stay love.  We are nature and nature is us, there’s so much we can learn from just stopping and watching without speaking.  To immerse myself in a moment or be completely lost in what I’m seeing is why I love photography. 

I don’t know if I can accurately convey the exact feelings I go through and why I love photography, in short; it’s as if I see in pictures and still scenes.  I can walk by something or someone and it’s as if my eyes take a quick snap shot and then I think OMG, what the, did you see, what, that’s dope, that’s, beautiful, that’s crazy, that sucks, that’s love, that’s us.

I love so much, and photography is definitely on my list.  Do what you love and love what you do as it forms the true you that makes you, YOU!

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