Saturday, December 10, 2016

Re Tan Hotel

Unfortunately I don't recommend the Re Tan Hotel as a place to stay for my Nomad friends...  I dislike writing reviews that will negatively impact a business, however its best to know the truth and also bring some awareness to the owners of establishments that could definitely use some help in retaining guests and bringing in new friends for business.

$44 for a room without a bathroom, $57 for a room with a bathroom, $10 key deposit.  Make sure to have cash for room and key deposit separate, exact amounts requested.

I was told about the Re Tan by a fellow homeless nomadic friend... whichever you want to call us... lol...  She told me about the Re Tan on two different occasions, so I decided to check it out.  I had always hesitated to stay at the Re Tan previously based off of information from the local homeless beings in Hollywood.  The Re Tan is located right next door to Motel 6 on Whitley in Hollywood.  One late night while passing by the Re Tan I asked, "hey, why would I stay at Motel 6 if Re Tan is way cheaper and right next door?"  Their answer, "eww, bugs."  Naturally in the back of my mind I began to think, it can't be that bad I can at least give it a try.  I failed to think, if they would rather sleep on the streets then stay at Re Tan, then why try... but I couldn't resist based off the price.

My Experience at Re Tan Hotel
I stayed over night one night about a week ago, from which...  I walked in and immediately needed to use the bathroom (tmi).  The bathroom in this particular room had the bed placed right in front of the bathroom door for viewing if one were to leave the door open, as I did.  As I'm happily peeing I look up and notice a roach crawling up the bed skirt.  Unfortunately I ended Mr. Roaches life immediately after flushing the toilet.  

Freaked out I wondered if Mr. Roach's friends and family members would retaliate against me, so I went on defense mode and began a full court press of the entire room with eyes wide open.  I noticed some of his friends and family lying on their backs with no movement, from which I hoped they lived a good life.  But happy they weren't crawling around.  I placed all of my items in a large bag, tied it tight, and went to sleep.  I was so tired, I wouldn't have noticed if more of his friends and family were out and about.  

After checking out, I figured I could give it another try...  that maybe it was just that day...

Fast forward to November 8th, I called and made a reservation to stay for one night.  I checked in pretty fast around 7pm, then went straight to the room, once again I really had to pee again.  lol  Interrupted by walking into the room immediately and seeing a roach crawling on the wall I went into defense mode once again.  Ended Mrs. Roachy's life then proceeded to pee.  As I'm using the bathroom Mrs. Roachy's friend proceeded to walk across the bathroom floor right in front of my feet. aghhhhhh, what the!!!  I ended Miss Roachaloaches life instantly mid pee session.  This was all within 2 minutes of walking in the room.

Next I left to go grab some food, ordered two slices of pizza and was back in the room within 15 minutes.  I was to scarred to eat in the room fearing I would drop a crumb and be attacked in the middle of the night by the Roach Mob, so I ate in the bathroom standing up.  After finishing my first slice I notice Captain Roach walking across the wall on patrol.  I panicked and ended his life.  Washed my hands, ate my second piece of pizza then decided to shower then go let them know the previous room inhabitants had not yet checked out and were harassing me.

I felt gross from being on a kill roach mission so I decided to jump in the shower first, upon opening the shower door I saw the biggest roach I'd ever seen in my life.  I screamed!  Ran downstairs and informed them of the many roaches out and about in my room, 205.  I was shown another room for possible stay, upon the Innkeeper opening the door both of our eyes went straight to King Roach crawling across the wall.  Innkeepers response, "oh wow, okay let me show you another room."  Next room, more roaches.  I didn't say a word, I turned around and walked straight back to the desk and stated I was leaving and to please give me my money back being it was only 8pm and I checked in at 7pm.  I was shown a piece of paper that I signed and didn't read, which apparently stated no refunds, only a $10 key deposit would be returned.  I'm a cry baby when frustrated, so naturally I began crying and took my $10 and walked out after being checked in for one hour.

All rooms were booked that day, so yes... I ended up sleeping on the buses that night after being so excited to get into a room... 

I hesitated on writing this review, but this is something I would want to know ahead of time to prevent throwing away money that could've been applied to another room without the Roach Mob.

Long story short, on both occasions I stayed at Re Tan I was greeted by the Roach welcoming party.  I prefer to just be greeted by a clean room where I can get some good sleep for the night.  

I will not be staying at Re Tan Hotel again unless they make it known that they've fixed the roach problem at their hotel.

Best of luck Re Tan, and if you want to give me my money back for the room I was only in for one hour, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I always appreciate getting a refund well deserved.

The health department should really look into this place...  if you don't mind the roaches...  its a cheap place to stay, I mind.

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